Avalon 2 is finally here, after two years of development. With eight sensational bonus rounds and Hollywood-calibre animations, Avalon 2 is the most eagerly anticipated slot of all time.

The full title of the game is Avalon 2, the Quest for the Grail, and the slot follows King Arthur and his knights on a journey to the mythical kingdom of Camelot.

With five reels, and a mind-boggling 243 ways to win, Avalon 2 could be daunting to new players, but thanks to simple controls and intuitive interface, players of any level can enjoy the game.

The eye-pleasing icons include gallant knights, gleaming swords, and other characters and objects from the Arthurian legends. When you create a winning combination, the reels magically spring to life, and it’s these exquisite animations that set the game centuries apart from its mediaeval competitors.

When you watch the animations, you can see the painstaking work that has gone into the graphics. The soundtrack will give your speakers a workout too – a majestic, regal theme will soothe your ears and rouse your emotions as you work your way through the bonus levels.

The bonus levels on Avalon 2 come from another realm indeed – as you progress through the game, you work your way across a tattered treasure map, featuring the kingdom of Camelot.

Each bonus level is different from the next – for instance, in the Whispering Woods, you must choose a shield. Select the correct one, to win thousands of gold coins. In the Forest Falls, the Trailing Wilds feature is activated – watch them cascade into place as the wins stack up. And in Dusty Moors, you must match the helmets to win up to 24,000 coins.

The final stage of the treasure map is the Bonus Multiplier – in this dramatic round, you must line up the rotating stones to form a winning combination. The stones can align to create exceptionally high values, which could allow you to multiply the win by many thousands of times.

Some online slots are frenetic and fast moving, but the pace of Avalon 2 is somewhat more majestic. Avalon 2 is a game you will want to take your time on – a game you will want to savour, and a game that you will return to time again.

No other slot will take you on such an epic voyage, and no other slot will immerse you in the way that Avalon 2 does. Ready to meet the Lady of the Lake and discover her treasures? Sign up to DazzleCasino.com, and play today for free or before you go check out our Dazzle Casino review.